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Welcome to my GitHub page for package, either for my own projects or others I'm contributing to. Packages are built for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS.

Repository: Zonalizer

Backend API system for Zonemaster which you can build WebApps like with.

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Repository: Zonemaster

The components developed as part of the Zonemaster project will help different types of users to check domain servers for configuration errors and generate a report that will enable to fix the errors.

The ambition of the Zonemaster project is to develop and maintain an open source DNS validation tool, offering better performance than the existing tools and provide extensive documentation which could be re-used by similar projects in the future.

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Repository: Lim

Lim provides a framework for calling plugins over multiple protocols such as RESTful JSON/XML, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC and SOAP. The repository also contains plugins for DNS, OpenDNSSEC and SoftHSM.

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Repository: p5-Crypt-PKCS11

Crypt::PKCS11 provides a full-fledged PKCS #11 v2.30 interface for Perl and together with a PKCS #11 provider .so library you can use all the functionality a Hardware Security Module (HSM) has to offer from within Perl.

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Repository: validns

Validns is a standalone command line RFC 1034/1035 zone file validation tool that, in addition to basic syntactic and semantic zone checks, includes DNSSEC signature verification and NSEC/NSEC3 chain validation, as well a number of optional policy checks on the zone.

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Repository: danish

The danish tool helps users by generating TLSA records and by checking certain properties of certificates.

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